“The PCI DSS SIG aims to evaluate the impact of PCI DSS on the sector, identify ways to achieve compliance, and capitalise on the changes PCI DSS will bring for the competitive advantage of each organisation.”

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Accepting credit/debit card payments is essential to the HE and FE sectors; allowing institutions to meet customer expectations and contributing to the delivery of cost effective payment processes. In combination with internet and mobile technologies, the payment industry is able to provide multiple card based payment methods to its customer base, which the sector benefits from.

Unfortunately the high volumes of transactions being processed attract high volumes of fraud; in response to which a global standard known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (“PCI DSS”) was developed.

PCI-DSS is a standard that is here to stay and as merchants processing card payments, each institution within the HE/FE sectors will be required to become achieve a level of compliance.

The PCI DSS Special Interest Group is a collection of like-minded organisations who have come together to contribute to the development of a standardised approach, resources and potential services which will aid institutions as they work towards compliance.

With a membership of over 70 HE/FE institutions and WPM Education, the SIG believes that by working together and sharing our collective resources, we can make the process of achieving and maintaining compliance if not easier, then certainly understandable.

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